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Ted Hanik, a former Emmy Award-winning animator renowned for his contributions to the iconic television series "The Simpsons," has forged a remarkable career that spans the realms of animation, motion graphics, video editing, production, and creative direction.

Ted's journey in the world of animation began with a passion for storytelling through visual artistry. His early work on "The Simpsons" showcased his exceptional talent, earning him the prestigious Emmy Award.

With a career that has evolved over the years, Ted transitioned into a multifaceted creative, expanding his horizons into motion graphics, video editing, and production. His diverse skill set allowed him to excel in these roles, bringing a unique and comprehensive perspective to every project he undertook.

As a motion graphics artist, Ted has crafted visually stunning and dynamic graphics that have enhanced numerous projects across various media.

Ted's proficiency as a video editor is evident in his ability to weave together narratives with precision and artistry. His expertise in post-production has contributed to the success of a wide range of projects.

Ted has overseen projects from conception to completion, demonstrating exceptional leadership and project management skills. His dedication to delivering high-quality content and his ability to inspire and guide teams have made him a driving force behind successful productions.

Creative direction is where Ted's versatile talents shine. His visionary approach to projects, coupled with his deep understanding of animation, motion graphics, and storytelling, has led to innovative and captivating visual experiences.

Ted Hanik's career embodies the spirit of creativity and adaptability, showcasing the boundless potential that comes with a passion for storytelling through animation and motion graphics. His journey is a testament to the idea that artistic talent knows no limits, and innovation is the key to lasting success in the ever-evolving landscape of digital media.



This is a commercial I produced for MobilityWare to highlight their Tripeaks Solitaire game. I produced this with only client footage and little direction, I built all the graphics, animation and editing. The iPhone was animated in Cinema4D.

This commercial was produced while working on production at Market America. I assisted with writing the script, hiring voice talent and animating all the graphics / inserting b-roll. It played both on the company YouTube channel as well as live at the convention. The product was animateed in Cinema4D.

This commercial was produced for the 'Goal Digger' palette for Motives Make Up. I was provided images of the product and models. I designed all the graphic, edit and sound.

Animation produced for Ambry Gentics on 'How the Genetic Testing Process Works'. I was provided with a voice track and nothing more. I illustrated all the artwork, animated and edited.

Halloween spot produced while working at Market America. I wrote the script, hired voice talent, animated and edited.

Commercial produced for Market America to promote the idea of 'Working from Anywhere'. I pitched the idea, designed all text and graphics.

Short animated logo bumper created for social media and various video content. I was provided with the vector logo and a general concept.

Produced for Market America to highlight a new web feature for online shoppers. I worked with the software development team to coordinate script, screen captures and effective illustration of concepts.

Commercial series designed for IBM to showcase software solutions. I was provided screenshots and audio voice over. All the graphics, editing, sound and animation I produced.

Thanksgiving spot produced while at Market America. This was produced as a sort of digital eCard for Thanksgiving. I was given no direction for the production of this commercial. I conceived of the concept, graphics, animation and edit.

TLS 30 Day Weight Loss Commercial produced while working at Market America. I was furnished with the audio voice over and some product images. I produced the animation, edit, sound and transitions.

Commercial I produced to promote a functional medicine detox program I was launching. I wrote the script, hired voice talent, edited and animated.

REVEL - Tradeshow Promotional Piece for Chi Foods. This was shot on location during a tradeshow. I was tasked with building all graphics, edit, transitions and text treatment.

Animation produced to showcase the Market America 2-3 year plan for financial success. I was provided with voice over and produced everything else. I animated the character, props, transitions and text.

Laserfiche promotional spot that I animated in about 10 days.

They looked to outsource this project to an agency which bid this project at roughly $20,000. I took it and animated front to back with sound effects inside of 2 weeks.

An interface animation highlighting the many facets of Laserfiche and the various applications. I animated this with basic direction, graphic assets furnished by the design team.

I produced a series of original illustrations and motion graphics pieces while at Ambry Genetics to highlight specific themes for patients. This piece explained the role of a Genetic Counselor. I was furnished with the script and audio track and produced everything else. I created all the illustrations along with animating in After Effects for final delivery.

I was asked to produce a promotional piece for a large celebration for Ambry Genetics. The theme of the party was all things '90's'. With my background of animating on 'The Simpsons', I was asked if I could re-produce the opening sequence with some Ambry specific elements. I drew this entirely on a Cintiq and animated it all in After Effects. This project was turned around in approximately a week, from rough boards to completion.

Promotional spot I produced for a workshop. This was meant for social media to create interest and also to play in the waiting room of the live event.

I filmed the machine on a lazy Susan against a green screen. I composited the resulting footage in After Effects and integrated it into the animation with SFX and graphic treatment.

Animatic production for television commercial featuring the characters from the Star Wars franchise. I put this entire piece together under tight deadlines and multiple revisions.

Final Commercial production for Duracell, Star Wars. Animatic Featured to the left. This coincided with the Star Wars Theatrical release.

Character animations created during my time studying 3D animation in Animation Mentor and iAnimate. All rigs provided by these institutions. Al animations crated in Maya.

Inspirational video produced from video captured from a company event. These were created to drive enthusiasm for events and the business of Market America. I was asked to find a useful clip which could be used for this marketing effort. I grabbed this clip and created all text, motion graphics and edit.

Documentary trailer that I produced for a production that was halted because of budget and scheduling issues.

I produced a promotional / inspirational video for my health brand. I wrote the script, edited and produced the piece. It was filmed in an afternoon and edited within 48 hours.

Professional Testimonials

Ted knows motion! This guy can animate just about anything! Our team at MobilityWare hired him for several video ads, and what he delivered was always above expectations. From concept to completion, Ted can jump into any stage of the project and give 110% no matter what the challenge. Needless to say, He has a great attitude and work ethic.


Bimal Gorajia

Designer at MobilityWare

Ted is a great addition to any team as he's personable, creative and is genuinely passion about what he does. He's very artistic and can easily bring your idea (or random thought) to life! He's very detail oriented. It was a pleasure working to work with him.


Brittany Charnley

Director of Marketing at Friends Christian School

Ted is an expert in his field. I had the pleasure of working with Ted during his time at Laserfiche as the Lead Multimedia Designer. He has a high level of organizational skills and the ability to create excellent work within deadlines. I was particularly impressed by the way he was able to take the simplest sketches and turn them into expertly crafted animations with little to no direction. In addition to his wide range of technical skills, Ted is also a great teacher and is very clear and concise when explaining concepts, ideas, or processes. Ted is a talented artist, creative thinker, and a valuable addition to any team he is a part of.


Cindy Man

Design Manager at Inspire

I initially worked with Ted building out e-learning courses in IBM. During that time he proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and was excellent in communicating his ideas. Although Ted is highly talented as a graphic artist he is an inspiration and never ceases to learn and explore new areas to better his skills. I miss his positive attitude, feedback and patience on our previous team. It would be great to work with him again.


Gaye Watanabe

The Healing Gift

I've worked with Ted since 2004 and I would highly recommend him. We worked together on a media team at FileNet and IBM as well as other projects I've produced. He's a very talented artist with a wide range of skills. Whether it's storyboarding a scene for a shoot, creating an animation or shooting video, Ted is an outstanding talent to work with. I look forward to future collaborations with Ted!


Noah Bello

Media Producer | Video Director | Creative Consultant

Ted was meticulous with all assignments while working at Film Roman as a character layout artist. People enjoyed working with him, and he brought a sense of commitment and dedication with him to work each and every day.


Thomas Richner

Storyboard Artist at Fox Television Animation, The Simpsons

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